Our pure cashmere 4 ply collection is unmatched for choice and is full of luxury garments to add style and colour while keeping you wonderfully warm. Double spun for knitting, a 4 ply cashmere garment will keep out the cold like no other yarn, and without the bulky weight of other natural fibres. For total luxury, 4 ply cashmere really is a wardrobe essential during the chill of winter. 

Designed exclusively in-house, our delightful mix of 4 ply pure cashmere styles won't be found anywhere else. You will love the variety of knit, colours and designs we offer in our 4 ply cardigans and jumpers and will soon discover, there is nothing like the comfort and quality of soft 4 ply pure cashmere yarn. Try adding a soft 4 ply cashmere cardigan to your outfit and feel that hug only cashmere yarn can bring.  Whatever you choose we are sure our 4 ply cashmere will be perfect for you.