Slow Fashion, Not Fast, Throwaway Fashion

Cashmere Centre is all about creating long lasting, investment clothing rather than the ‘throw-away’ clothing that last only a few wears. We use high quality, natural fibres that may cost a little extra but improve with age and can last a lifetime. The cost per wear will be significantly less than the cheaper, inferior ‘throw-away’ garments that have flooded our shops.


Natural Fibres

All of our products are 100% natural fibres, sustainable, renewable and kind to our environment. By speaking directly to our herders and fibre suppliers we ensure that our supply chain takes sustainability of the grasslands in Mongolia seriously.


Renew & Repair

We strongly believe in making more of what we have. Repair and renew over replace. Our repairs service has a superb record of invisibly mending small holes and we also have an in-house service where we will rewash and refinish your (either Cashmere Centre or any other brand) cashmere garment, bringing it back to life, good as new.



All of our products are designed here in the UK, however along the cashmere production chain there are of course a number of overseas elements. We are constantly in communication with all of the people involved in our cashmere chain and where those countries and communities are less fortunate than ourselves we commit to helping them where we can. Fair pricing, ethical trading is at the heart of what we do. Recently we undertook a project to raise £18,000 to rebuild a school in a village on the outskirts of Kathmandu that was damaged in the 2015 earthquake. That project is now complete, the children back at school. We recycle used, unwanted laptops from the UK and take them to Nepal to give to schools and the children of factory workers who would otherwise never have access to such technology.


In the Office

We appreciate that running an office and warehouse has an impact on our environment and do everything possible to reduce this. We have quarterly management meetings to discuss this topic and to plan and execute ways of reducing our footprint. We recycle as much of our waste as possible, reduce our energy consumption using low power, movement activated LED lighting, have solar panels on our office roof and encourage staff to use less paper and more recycled stationary. All of our catalogues and letters are produced using paper from sustainable sources.