About Us

Why buy from us?

A very important question to ask yourself when there are so many companies now offering cashmere garments for sale. Hopefully, the points below will explain why we feel we are the market leaders in all things cashmere.


Established in 1998, The Cashmere Centre has enjoyed steady growth both in sales and in the range of items on offer. Collectively the management team have over 80 years’ worth of cashmere knitwear experience. Our technical director Colin who is based in the Borders of Scotland has worked in the industry for 50 years with leading Scottish manufacturers such as Braemar and Ballantynes.

We have not found another cashmere company that has the amount of experience and knowledge about cashmere as we do!


There are many different grades of cashmere and manufacturing techniques that directly affect the quality and longevity of a cashmere sweater. We use only the finest grade Mongolian cashmere available. Thin cashmere will result in stretching and misshapen garments after washing – something that doesn’t happen with high-quality fibre and manufacture. 

We don’t over-mill or brush our cashmere garments.  Whilst this gives an initial impression of softness, both will lead to your garment pilling and quickly becoming unwearable. 

We have been dealing with the same factories for over 10 years and every piece is controlled and inspected by us to the highest specifications. We passionately believe that it's the small details that turn a good garment into a great one which is why we continue to use traditional methods of knitting such as hand linking and seaming all our sweaters as opposed to the now common machine linking that results in a lump under the seams. We do not cut corners!

Why are we different from other high street retailers? Our Designer Victoria, has the answer!


“As cashmere specialists, we understand the need for this special garment to last many years of wear. For this reason, we spin our yarn tighter, and knit closer, to ensure the risk of pilling is reduced greatly, plus the garment is stronger and keeps its shape for longer.

None of our garments are over milled on production, so you can enjoy the soft feel of the cashmere ‘fluffing’ naturally during its first few wears. Many high street stores knit loosely, and over mill the garments when new, so you immediately feel the un-natural over softness. This is great short term, but in time it will wear thin and warp in its shape. Pilling is also more common in this type of knitting process.

With all products, you get what you pay for, and cashmere is no different! I am confident we offer great products, at a good price, with excellent after care service.

I am always on hand for any of our customers, should they need me.”



As the cashmere specialists, we only deal with quality cashmere. Therefore we are able to achieve the best prices available for the high quality we provide. By supplying by mail order, we do not carry expensive High Street premises overheads.  You may find cheaper cashmere elsewhere, but we guarantee it won't be the same quality as ours, nor will be as sustainable or friendly to the environment.


After starting the business with pashmina, every year we have extended our range of products so now we have the largest selection of cashmere products available from any retailer. With over 100,000 customers now having purchased from us we are proud to be known as ‘the cashmere specialists’.  From cashmere sweaters, cardigans and pashmina, to socks and blankets, we are always looking to increase our range of luxurious and beautiful cashmere clothing.


Our customer service is second to none. As a small friendly team, based in North Buckinghamshire, we are able to advise you on any colour or sizing queries and make sure you receive the perfect garment. We have many customers who have been with us from day one and who buy all of their cashmere from us on a regular basis. Most of our business is repeat business and word of mouth. All of our staff love cashmere too. We all wear it and are extremely proud of all the positive comments from customers regarding the in-depth knowledge of our team, a service not matched by any of our competitors.  See our Feefo reviews and Google reviews for the customer feedback we pride ourselves on, this genuine and honest feedback from our customers drives us on to improve every collection we craft to make the best cashmere products and give our customers the best service possible.

We promise our customers top quality service and luxurious, elegant designs crafted in the finest quality cashmere that feels ultra-soft, keeps its shape and seems to last forever. We've kept our promises as we've grown over the years developing lasting relationships with our customers and we look forward to receiving more suggestions, incorporating your ideas into our exclusive products.

You will get the same 'old-fashioned' service, whether you're a new customer or an old friend. Welcome!


If for any reason you are not entirely happy with your purchase we will refund you in full if returned within 90 days. We even enclose a postage paid returns label with every order to make it easy.

I hope this helps you decide to try us above other cashmere retailers that can be bought elsewhere. Rest assured that with our commitment to quality, price and service we aim to supply you with a fantastic shopping experience that will mean that you come back to us time and time again.


Dale Stillman