Cashmere Repairs & Refinishing



Cashmere Repair, Wash & Refinish Service

Got a few moth holes or a snagged thread? We can professionally repair and refinish your cashmere knitwear!

We strongly believe in slow, sustainable fashion. We’re all about creating long-lasting,
investment clothing designed to last a lifetime, using renewable, sustainable fibres.
So we’ve made a closed-loop process by offering a repair service to help garments live a
long life, and a recycling service for when they eventually reach the end of their life.

By repairing and refinishing your cashmere knitwear, you’re choosing to renew over replace,
helping to reduce environmental impact one sweater at a time!



We all know the feeling; you put on your favourite sweater only to discover it has caught
something, and now loose threads are sticking out - heart-breaking!

But that’s where we come in. We’re experts in all things cashmere and will happily repair
small holes or split seams, making your clothes feel brand new again and giving you plenty
more years to enjoy them!

We don’t just repair our own garments either. Whatever the brand, as long as the item is a
natural fibre (i.e., cashmere, alpaca etc.), we’re happy to help!




Does your cashmere need a little TLC? We can professionally clean and refinish any pure cashmere or natural fibre knitwear, whatever the brand!

Our refinishing service includes a professional wash and de-pill to remove any bobbling.



All services start from £35 per item, but we assess all items on a case-by-case basis. See below for the price guide. If you change your mind at any point, we’ll send back your item free of charge, no questions asked.

Repair (no wash) From £35
Refinish (wash & de-pill) From £35
The full works (repair, wash & de-pill) From £55


How it works

It’s simple and easy to use our repair or refinishing services. Here’s how it works:

1. Complete our enquiry form online here and specify what service you’re looking for (repair or refinish or both)
2. Our expert team will contact you to discuss your requirements and give you a guide quote
3. Send your item in for assessment
4. Once fully assessed, we’ll offer a full quote
5. Upon approval, we’ll get to work bringing your garment(s) back to life
6. Once completed, we’ll return your garment(s) to you, free of charge, ready for you to enjoy for more years to come!


My cashmere is beyond repair! What now?

Don’t fear! If your knitwear is beyond repair, why not try out our recycling scheme?

For every item you recycle with us, you’ll receive a £10 gift voucher to spend on something
new from any of our 5 luxury brands.